Update to Noise Control Directive ID 88-1

D. DeGagne, R. Wright


The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has authored and enforced a number of Noise Control Directives for the energy industry since 1973. The most recent of these is Interim Directive ID 88-1. This Directive evolved from a common realisation that previous directives were too simplistic with their singular maximum day and night-time sound levels. The development of ID 88-1 sought to incorporate input from all appropriate stakeholders in noise problems generated by energy industry developments in the province of Alberta. To accomplish this, a committee comprised of members from the public, industry, acoustical consultants, university academics and governmental agencies was struck with co-ordination provided by the ERCB. The resulting Directive tries to take a balanced viewpoint of all these potential players through a reasonable unbiased policy


acoustic noise; noise abatement; pollution; Canada; Noise Control Directive ID 88-1; sound levels; noise problems; energy industry developments; Alberta

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