Sound level data collection project in the vicinity of Toronto waterfront


  • T. Kelly Transport Canada Aviation, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


acoustic noise, acoustic variables measurement, aircraft, sound monitoring, aircraft noise, Toronto waterfront, sound level collection, sound dosages, single event sound levels, acoustic energies


This article summarizes a three day sound level collection, or monitoring, project. The project was undertaken, in the vicinity of the Toronto waterfront, by Transport Canada Aviation (TCA) and Transport Canada Airports Group (AG) under the auspices of the Toronto Island Airport Liaison Committee (ALC). The sound level data which include aircraft and non-aircraft sound sources, were collected to provide preliminary quantitative information to the ALC for its deliberations concerning the existing acoustic climate in the vicinity of the Toronto waterfront. Both sound dosages (Leq) and single event sound levels (LAmax and SEL) were measured. To maintain impartiality, no analyses have been performed nor have any conclusions been drawn. However, the results indicate that, on average, the ambient and triggered nonaircraft acoustic energies represent 80% of the total energy measured, and; the single event sound levels produced by the island airport aircraft are comparable to those produced by en-route jets and non-aircraft sound sources




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