Noise management at Hydro-Quebec construction sites


  • B. Goeselin Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Que., Canada
  • J.C. Fortin Hydro-Quebec, Montreal, Que., Canada


acoustic noise, construction industry, noise abatement, construction site activities, construction noise, Hydro-Quebec


Noise generated by construction site activities is likely to become a major source of nuisance if inadequately managed. This prompts the need for criteria to control the nuisance resulting from such activities. Prescribed controls must take into account the specific nature of construction noise, i.e., temporary and fluctuating. Hydro-Quebec conducted an exhaustive review of the statutes, regulations, criteria and procedures used by different agencies and organizations to manage this type of noise. That review resulted in the 1993 publication of guidelines for noise management at Hydro-Quebec construction sites (Guide relatif a la gestion du bruit des chantiers de construction d'Hydro-Quebec)



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