Noise control of coal pulverizers an implementation of user friendly design


  • G.L. Gould Ontario Hydro, Toronto, Ont., Canada
  • B. Alavi Ontario Hydro, Toronto, Ont., Canada


acoustic noise, noise abatement, thermal power stations, coal pulverizers, noise controls, grinding process, seal air squeal, retrofit installations, cost effective controls


As part of a pilot project to demonstrate the practicability of retrofit of noise controls to power station equipment, a package of controls was developed and implemented on a single mill. Because high level, lower frequency noise induced by the grinding process was beyond control by passive means, effort was concentrated on controlling the annoying seal air squeal. The challenge in retrofit installations is to design cost effective controls which do not interfere with surveillance and maintenance, and which do not compromise the performance and durability of the equipment being controlled. Review of all recommendations by a project team comprising participants from design engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance, insured that optimal controls would be implemented



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