Air conditioning device noise control: Ontario model by-law and Toronto by-law


  • J.L. Fielders Jade Acoust. Inc., Concord, Ont., Canada


air conditioning, legislation, noise abatement, Ontario, by-law, Toronto, noise control, air conditioners


The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Energy created an ad hoc advisory committee to develop modifications to the model municipal noise control by-law regarding noise from air conditioners and heat pumps. Members included representatives from local and provincial government, Ontario Hydro, Toronto Hydro, builders, a consumer association, manufacturers, installers and consultants. Over the past five years they struggled with the issues of sound level limits, enforcement and installation guidelines. The outcome was a comprehensive model noise by-law and a detailed guide for the installation of units including checklists for both the installer and the enforcement agency. The City of Toronto sat on the committee but pursued a different approach, partly due to the existence of their own noise control by-law which had been in use for several years. The City examined changes to their by-law in light of the work by the Committee. The paper summarizes the background and details of the two noise control documents



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