Sound transmission between columns and plates

  • J.A. Steel Dept. of Mech. Eng., Heriot-Watt Univ., Riccarton, UK
Keywords: acoustic wave transmission, architectural acoustics, structural acoustics, sound transmission, framed buildings, framed structures, transmission mechanisms, columns, beams, plates, connected columns, joists


While there have been a large number of studies of sound transmission in traditional buildings consisting mainly of walls and floors the same cannot be said for framed buildings. As framed structures become more common in the design of industrial and domestic buildings so understanding the transmission mechanisms between columns, beams and plates becomes more important. The types of joint that can be found include connected columns and floors and joists and walls. Normally a column/floor joint is complicated by beams which support the floor at the top of columns. The transmission mechanism at such joints is studied both theoretically and experimentally using Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). The effects of beams at the joint are investigated
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