Sound system modelling software

P. Giddings


Sound system modelling software is becoming commonplace in the design of sound systems for arenas, concert halls and other large rooms. There are a number of loudspeaker manufacturers that provide this software. They include: AcoustaCADD from Mark IV; CadP2 from JBL; Ease and Ease JR from Renkus-Heinz; and Modeller from Bose. The software packages range anywhere from five hundred to several thousand dollars. All of the programs allow for basic room acoustics analysis and loudspeaker design. Most of the programs are specific in the loudspeaker components that they will allow you to use. However, the Renkus-Heinz system has a database that includes loudspeaker components from more than 20 different manufacturers


architectural acoustics; audio acoustics; CAD; civil engineering computing; loudspeakers; modelling; sound system modelling software; sound systems; arenas; concert halls; large rooms; AcoustaCADD; software packages; room acoustics analysis; loudspeaker design

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