Room acoustics considerations for loudspeaker systems in a large reverberant space


  • J. O'Keefe Aercoustics Eng. Ltd., Toronto, Ont., Canada


architectural acoustics, loudspeakers, reverberation, room acoustics, loudspeaker systems, large reverberant space, Galleria, Toronto, perceived clarity, sound pressure level, loudspeaker system, early sound, very large rooms, detrimental late sound


The Galleria in Toronto has very low speech intelligibility and musical clarity levels. Like other very large spaces, perceived clarity decreases as the sound pressure level of the loudspeaker system is increased. To provide enough direct and early sound to listeners, a significant number of loudspeakers are required. The philosophy is that wherever one stands in the Galleria there should be a loudspeaker nearby. The loudspeaker(s) must be close enough that direct or early reflected sound is greater than the later reverberant sound. The danger with this approach however is that loudspeakers far away from the listener may generate sound that is interpreted by the ear as late or detrimental. This then is the fundamental dilemma associated with very large rooms: increasing the number of speakers means that some people will be exposed to better direct and early sound. For people located elsewhere in the room these same loudspeakers will introduce detrimental late sound

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