Engineering aspects of assistive device technologies for hard of hearing and deaf people

C.A. Laszlo


Technical aids have a profound importance in the life of hard of hearing and deaf people. Many of them need several different devices to function independently in the home, at work, and at leisure. Even those who ordinarily do not use hearing aids may require specialized devices to use the telephone or to communicate in groups. The large variety of devices used by hard of hearing and deaf people may be divided into four major groups: assistive listening devices (ALDs), visual communication aids, alerting and sound recognition systems, and telecommunication devices and systems. Acoustical aspects are important in the engineering design and application of each of these systems. These aspects may be quite complex, and many environmental, architectural, technological, and user-dependent issues arise


hearing aids; induction loop systems; IR systems; FM communication; hearing impaired people; hard of hearing; deaf people; assistive listening devices; telecommunication devices; engineering design

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