Insertion loss characteristics of barriers and berms

C.C. Harrison, K.R. Fyfe, I.J. Cremers


Over the past 40 years, much effort has been placed into developing more accurate modelling tools for determining the acoustic performance of barriers and berms for road noise attenuation, Most of the work completed in this field has used ray-based diffraction models which ignore phase information of the acoustic waves. This paper describes initial work completed in computing insertion loss characteristics of various barriers and berms as a function of frequency and distance behind the barrier using a wave-based model. A two-dimensional boundary element procedure has been used to calculate the sound fields of the presented results


acoustic field; acoustic noise; boundary-elements methods; noise abatement; modelling tools; acoustic performance; barriers; berms; road noise attenuation; ray-based diffraction models; insertion loss characteristics; two-dimensional boundary element procedure; sound fields

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