Active acoustic absorption of noise generated by fans in ducts

F. Duthoit


This paper investigates active control of noise generated by fans in ducts. We use an adaptive digital filter to process the incident noise and to create the antinoise. Time domain algorithms (LMS, RLMS, ...) are tested with several recordings of fan noise and their performances are compared. This first part is intended to select the best algorithm among four tested versions. Then, we use the best algorithm with a real-world fan noise. Results are seen to be satisfactory and can still be better if the optimal position of the residual-noise sensing microphone is chosen on the basis of some preliminary test. This procedure allows efficient processing in a wide range of frequencies and system geometries


active noise control; noise pollution; time-domain analysis; active acoustic absorption; fans; ducts; time domain algorithms; real-world fan noise; residual-noise sensing microphone


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