Acoustics exhibition at the Musée de la Nature et des Sciences in Sherbrooke (QC)

A group from the Université de Sherbrooke led by Dr. Olivier Robin approached the CAA with a request for support of a new exhibition they are planning entitled ‘Musée de la Nature et des Sciences’.  This exhibit is intended to disseminate knowledge about acoustics to the general public, including information about sources of sound, sound propagation and sound reception. This initiative aligns well with our interest as an Association in education and outreach, as well as with activities being planned by the International Commission of Acoustics (of which the CAA is a member) for the proposed UNESCO “Year of sound” in 2019 ( The board agreed to commit up to $2000 of financial support along with promotional assistance. We expect that the group will be able to present elements of the exhibition in the journal and at an upcoming Acoustics Week in Canada.