Acoustic Training in Canada Database: Help us to help the younger generation and seasoned professionals


Dear CAA members, past members and friends,

The purpose of this survey is to develop an online database of all the professional, undergraduate, and graduate acoustical courses and training programs offered through universities, colleges, associations, etc. This database would benefit the entire Canadian acoustic community in the following manner:

1. Track the different acoustical courses and training programs offered nationally

2. Allow CAA members to plan their acoustical training and easily select their perfect training program to meet their career aspirations

3. Allow CAA members to compare and contrast courses and training programs from different institutions

4. Allow institutions and the CAA to determine where the training gaps are and to plan for future programs demands

To help us populate this database, simply return the following information at your earliest convenience to Mr. William DeGagne (, volunteer for CAA:

    1. Place of the Course or Training  program (university, colleges, etc.):
    2. Name of Course or Training  program:
    3. Approx. date the Course or Training was followed:
    4. Level (graduate, undergraduate, college course or professional training program, etc.):
    5. Brief description of the Course or Training program:
    6. Webpage of Course or Training program:
    7. Location of Course or Training program (City, Province):
    8. Course or Training program language:

Thanks for you help towards the younger generation and seasoned professionals! :-)