Safe-in-Sound Award™ Nominations Now Open (to Canadians as well!!!)


Since 2009, the Safe-in-Sound Excellence in Hearing Loss Prevention Award™ has recognized companies and individuals who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in their hearing loss prevention initiatives directed to the workplace. When created, only applicants who represented programs operating within the United States were eligible to the award.  Starting this year Safe-in-Sound will also accept nominations for the 2025 awards from companies or individuals based in Canada.

Since the inaugural awards were presented in 2009, information on real-world success in noise control and other interventions for hearing loss prevention has been obtained and disseminated widely through the award website and other media.  Many of the interventions described online have led to elimination of the need for hearing conservation programs or to the reduction in the number of workers enrolled in these programs. In addition, the Safe-in-Sound Award™ has facilitated the extension of successful hearing loss prevention activities and strategies to workers not traditionally considered in typical workplace hearing loss prevention programs (e.g. musicians, military personnel, workers in services and construction).

The deadline for the submission of Letters of Recommendation from third parties is June 8, 2024 and for completing a self-nomination is August 19, 2024. Additional information is available at