Comprehensive audiological assessment system


  • Hans Kunov Univ of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Poul Madsen Univ of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Yuri Sokolov Univ of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  • Olena Sokolova Univ of Toronto, Toronto, Canada


Acoustic emission testing, Calibration, Computer aided diagnosis, Cost effectiveness, Data handling, Maintenance, Physiology, User interfaces, Audiological assessment system, Battery of tests


A new approach to comprehensive audiometry is introduced. This new concept of audiological assessment makes it possible to perform a battery of tests at the same work station during a single visit of the patient. An integrated audiometric instrument, the Audiological Assessment System, is also designed. This system saves clinic space. It is easy and convenient to use due to uniformity and similarity of an operator interface to that in conventional arrangements. Maintenance, service, calibration and upgrading of the system is a one-step process. Thus it is time- and cost-effective. The system enables effective handling of clinical data.




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Kunov H, Madsen P, Sokolov Y, Sokolova O. Comprehensive audiological assessment system. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 1997 Dec. 1 [cited 2023 Jan. 30];25(4):37-. Available from:



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