Acoustic correlates of monotone speech in Parkinson's disease

Scott Adams, Kim Reyno-Briscoe, Laura Hutchinson


One of the most frequently perceived symptoms in Parkinson's disease (PD) is monotone speech. Correlations between acoustic and perceptual measures of monotone speech in PD were investigated using a variety of acoustic measures, including fundamental frequency (F0) declination. Perceptual ratings and acoustic measures were obtained from PD patients. Patients with severe monotone speech show a significantly different F0 declination pattern than less severe and normal patients. In particular, these monotone patients showed a much more gradual F0 declination than was seen in the normal and the mild subjects.


Acoustic intensity; Diseases; Frequencies; Acoustic speech measures; Fundamental frequency declination; Hypokinetic dysarthria; Monotone speech; Parkinson's disease; Perceptual speech measures; Speech disorders

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