BIW damping package evaluation/optimization using FEA/SEA combined approach

Denis Blanchet, Anab Akanda, Taner Onsay, Gregory M. Goetchius


The implementation of a combined statistical energy analysis (SEA)/finite element analysis (FEA) was demonstrated by the damping treatments for an automobile. The classical Ross-Kerwin-Ungar (RKU) analysis was employed for the calculation of equivalent properties of composite damping treated vehicle panels. The lower panels of the vehicle Body-In-White (BIW) were represented in the FEA model for the prediction of sound trends. The performance criteria were based on the response of the system in terms of sound pressure levels (SPL) at the driver's ear.


Acoustic wave transmission; Automobiles; Computer aided analysis; Computer simulation; Damping; Finite element method; Noise abatement; Optimization; Statistical methods; Body-In-White (BIW) damping; Statistical energy analysis (SEA)

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