Signal processing for a visual hearing aid

E. McDonald, H. Kunov, W. Wong


Two strategies were devised to try and detect plosives and fricatives based on the high frequency energy content. The first strategy is High Frequency Energy (HFE) and the second is the High Frequency Energy Ratio (HFER). Each detection strategy was carried out using the sentence "Jeff toy go cart never worked" as spoken by four male and two female speakers. Through this example, the validity of each method was determined.


Algorithms; Audition; Computer simulation; Glass; Hearing aids; High pass filters; Light emitting diodes; Signal filtering and prediction; Speech analysis; Speech communication; Vision aids; Affricates; Auditory impairment; Fricatives; Hearing loss; High Frequency Energy; Light emitting diode bar graph; Plosives; Receiver Operator Characteristic; Visual hearing aid

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