A look at throat singing

A. Behar, M. Kumar, H. Kunov


Throat singing enables a singer to sing simultaneous with two,three and four voices. The main sound is generated by the vocal cords and other flexible structures like false cords, arytenoid cartilages, aryepiglottic folds and epiglottic root are vibrated to cause throat singing. The spectral analysis of the three samples of throat singing depicts peaks and valleys at the same frequencies with some large differences in the sound level at same frequency. Among the three distinct peaks observed, the first peak is due to the vibration of the vocal cords, corresponding to the fundamental frequency. The second peak is the harmonic of the first whereas the third peak represents the independant vibrations of the structures other than vocal cords.


Harmonic analysis; Impedance matching (acoustic); Natural frequencies; Resonance; Spectrum analysis; Overtones; Throat singing

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