Impulsive Noise Measurements with a Conventional Sound Level Meter


  • A. Behar Acoustics Office, Systems Research and Development Branch Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ontario
  • J. M. Riganti Divisiôn Acûstica Instituto National de Tecnologia Industrial Buenos Aires, Argentina


A continuous noise can be defined by its sound pressure level and its frequency content. If the energy of the noise is also of interest, then the duration must also be taken into account. The situation is not the same when an impulsive noise has to be evaluated because, besides the characteristics listed above, the peak value and shape of the waveform, as well as its duration, are of interest. The object of the present study was to find out if it is possible to find the impulse signal's time constant and its peak level by using an inexpensive SLM, such as one built to IEC 123 specification accuracy, and measuring the "fast" and "slow" response readings.

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