Whole body vibration measurements of forklift truck drivers


  • A. Behar Behar Noise Control
  • S. Libich WESA


Acceleration, Health hazards, Truck drivers, Forklift, Vibration dose


Measurements of vibrations on the body of forklifts, driven by standing operators, were conducted to assess possibility of health hazards. The instrument used was a Larson-Davis HVM100 Digital Triaxial Vibration Meter, and the measured magnitudes were acceleration (m/s2) and Vibration Dose Value (m/s 1.75). Measured values were assessed using the corresponding EU Directive. Even though, some of the values did exceed the recommended limits, it was found that, because of the limited use of the trucks (an average of 2 hr/day) the time-weighted averages were well below the action limit. Therefore it was concluded, that the measured vibrations did not constitute health hazard for the drivers.

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Behar A, Libich S. Whole body vibration measurements of forklift truck drivers. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2005 Dec. 1 [cited 2024 Jul. 13];33(4):39-42. Available from: https://jcaa.caa-aca.ca/index.php/jcaa/article/view/1774



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