On structureborne power flow from wood studs to direct-attached gypsum board

T.R. Nightingale, Katrin Kohler


A wall consisting of a single layer of gypsum board attached to a single row of wood studs which acts as one or more subsystems depending on frequency was shown. The ratio of transmitted power to source (stud) energy was reasonably independent of screw location, which was to be expected as the measured mobilities do not change appreciably if the distance from the edge was greater than 50 mm. Since the tud was highly damped and have low modal density the energy will not be uniform and the power flow will not be the same at all points.


Damping; Mathematical models; Natural frequencies; Screws; Statistical methods; Studs (fasteners); Vibrations (mechanical); Walls (structural partitions); Wood products; Scanning laser vibrometer; Statistical energy analysis; Wood studs

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