On the simplifications used in mobility models to predict structureborne power flow in wood stud walls with direct-attached gypsum board

T.R. Nightingale, Katrin Kohler


The structural power flow across a wood stud wall with direct-attached gypsum board on both ides when the screws on either side of the stud were aligned was predicted by using ordinary point force mobilities. Thus it was necessary to evaluate the mobility assumptions to determine the most appropriate method to model walls with resilient channels. This paper evaluates the assumptions regarding the vibration response of the stud and gypsum board in isolation were evaluated.


Approximation theory; Boundary conditions; Elastic moduli; Mathematical models; Natural frequencies; Screws; Stiffness; Studs (fasteners); Vibrations (mechanical); Walls (structural partitions); Wood products; Building acoustics frequency; Mobility models; Wood stud

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