New method and device for customizing in situ a hearing protector

Jérémie Voix, Frédéric Laville


A method and the associated hardware/software system for a custom-filled earplug was integrated into a comprehensive in situ approach. The method included in situ attenuation measurements, adaptation of the attenuation with an acoustical damper and several performance tests. The use of an acoustical damper created a second sound path which was qualified using the real ear attenuation at threshold (REAT) measurements with and without the damper in place. Some performance tests were undertaken which ensured the robust prediction of field performance and also assists user to properly insert the plug.


Acoustic noise; Earphones; Microphones; Noise abatement; Pressure effects; Rubber products; Silicones; Transfer functions; Filtered earplugs; Hearing protectors; Noise reduction (NR) measurements; Real ear attenuation at threshold (REAT)

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