Maintaining speech intelligibility in communication headsets equipped with active noise control

A.J. Brammer, D.R. Peterson, M.G. Cherniack, S. Gullapalli, R.B. Crabtree


The headset with active noise control (ANR) system is discussed. It is stated that for headsets equipped with ANR, the performance of the control system may influence the communication signal reaching the ear. The intelligibility of speech is reproduced at the ear of persons wearing a headset equipped with ANR. The ANR system helps to control low-frequency noise as the passive attenuation of the earmuff reduces the noise at frequencies above 500Hz.


Acoustic variables control; Control systems; Headphones; Natural frequencies; Noise abatement; Reverberation; Signal processing; Speech communication; Active control systems; Analog signal processing; Control signals; Feedforward control systems

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