Improved packet loss concealment for PCM VoIP

Q. Li, M. Elsabrouty, M. Bouchard


A high-performance concealment algorithm for pulse code modulation (PCM) coded speech was presented. The new concealment technique uses a linear prediction with a large order filter to model the speech. A threshold, based on the fact that voiced speech tends to be more energetic in the residual signal, was determined. It was found by the PESQ-MOS scores that the proposed algorithm exhibits a superior high-quality concealment performance in all cases.


Algorithms; Approximation theory; Computational complexity; Internet; Network protocols; Parameter estimation; Pulse code modulation; Signal filtering and prediction; Signal receivers; Telecommunication systems; Packet loss; Perceptual Estimation of Speech Quality (PESQ); Public switched telephone networks (PSTN); Voice-over IP (VoIP)

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