Extension of the aggregate beamformer to filter-and-sum beamforming

David I. Havelock


The extension of delay and sum aggregate beamformer to filter and sum beamforming is discussed. It is observed that the aggregate beamformer differs from conventional beamforming in which it converts off-beam signals to noise that can be filtered. It is also observed that the conventional and the aggregate F&S beamformers are equivalent in the mean. The results shows that extending the D&S aggregate beamforming to F&S does not incur additional computation and the residual noise is increased.


Acoustic noise; Computational methods; Data reduction; FIR filters; Linearization; Optimization; Signal to noise ratio; Wave propagation; Beamformers; Delay and sum (D&S) beamforming; Filter-and sum (F&S) beamforming; Stochastic filters

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