Wave propagation in curved laminate composite structures

Sebastian Ghinet, Noureddine Atalla, Haisam Osman


A model to compute the transmission loss of the sandwich and laminate composite curved panels was developed. The physical behaviour of the panel was represented using a discrete lamina description and each lamina was represented by membrane, bending, transversal shearing and rotational inertial behaviour. The model density, the radiation efficiency and the resononant and non-resonant transmission loss were calculted by using the dispersion relation's solution. It was observed that for the presented problem, the modal energy exchange was dominated by the first wave solution. The result shows that for acoustic trasmission problems, the SEA scheme is accurate.


Acoustic waves; Computer simulation; Data reduction; Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; Laminated composites; Modal analysis; Shearing; Strain; Vectors; Radiation loss; Ring frequency; Transmission loss; Transversal shearing

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