Assessment of the solution and prediction algorithms during the optimization of fluid-structure interaction dynamic systems

Walter Jesus Paucar Casas, Renato Pavanello, Paulo Henrique Trombeta Zannin


For optimization problems based on dynamic criteria the system eigenvalues must be re-computed for each ' iteration as the values of the design parameters are changed. From a computational point of view it would be more efficient to replace the laborious process of determining the eigenvalues by direct prediction. The suitability and advantages of this scheme are examined here. The number of operations required by the direct and the predictive solution algorithms are compared. The prediction scheme has been applied to the problem of maximizing the separation of two adjacent eigenvalues for structural and couple fluid-structure systems.


Acoustic waves; Algorithms; Ducts; Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions; Mathematical models; Optimization; Parameter estimation; Pressure vessels; Problem solving; Dynamic systems; Fluid domain; Sound transmission; Structural failures

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