Medical examination of hearing required by quebec regulations: A relevance analysis


  • Luc Bhérer Min. de la S. et des Serv. Social., 1075 ch. S.-Foy, 3e et., Québec, Que. G1S 2M1, Canada
  • Pierre Deshaies Dir. de S. Pub. Chaudiere-Appalaches, 100 Monseigneur-Bourget, bureau 400, Lévis, Que. G6V 2Y9, Canada
  • Pauline Fortier Agence Devmt. Reseaux L.S.S./S.-M., 1255 Beauregard, Longueuil, Que. J4K 2M3, Canada
  • Chantal Laroche Prog. d'Audiologie et d'Orthophonie, Université d'Ottawa, 451 rue Smyth, Ottawa, Ont. K1H 8M5
  • Valérie Tremblay Ctr. Hosp. de la Reg. de l'Amiante, 1717 rue Notre-Dame Nord, Thetford Mines, Que. G6G 2V4, Canada
  • Fernand Turcotte Dept. de Med. Social. et Prev., Faculté de Médecine, Université Lavai, Québec, Que. G1K 7P4, Canada


Accident prevention, Codes (standards), Health care, Laws and legislation, Personnel, Social aspects, Societies and institutions, Medical hearing evaluation, Preventive measures, Quebec regulations, Sound warning systems


The relevance of Quebec regulations imposing medical hearing evaluations on certain workers or job applicants has been evaluated. In pursuing the sole legitimate public health objective of regulation (ensuring the safety of others), it is essential to identify valid evaluation tools that can be used to establish criteria regarding when a hearing deficiency leads to disabilities that impede the safe performance of all the requirements of a given job. despite all possible work and workplace adaptations. Current regulations are heterogeneous in establishing such criteria and do not ensure the implementation of preventive measures. Furthermore, they emphasize individual hearing abilities and often fail to consider the nature of the work environment. A conceptual framework that emphasizes the interaction between the person and the work environment is discussed.

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Bhérer L, Deshaies P, Fortier P, Laroche C, Tremblay V, Turcotte F. Medical examination of hearing required by quebec regulations: A relevance analysis. Canadian Acoustics [Internet]. 2005 Mar. 1 [cited 2024 May 20];33(1):27-35. Available from:



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