Noise exposure group surveys - Number of days to sample


  • Alberto Behar IBBME, University of Toronto, 4 Taddle Creeg Rd., Toronto, Ont. M5S 3G9, Canada


Acoustic noise, Personnel, Probability density function, Sampling, Students, Testing, Group surveys, Noise exposure, Sample sizes, Workers


A study to determine the number of noise exposure measurements days required to be performed on a group of workers, so as to obtain reliable results was conducted. In all 13 groups from two different sites were involved, with sample sizes ranging from 3 to 24 employees (average 12.5). Surveys were performed for four consecutive days. The reports from the surveys included the results from each one of the four days of testing (LTTrade,8) and of the corresponding LTrade,32. The daily LTrade,8 were compared with the corresponding LTrade,32, using the Student's t-Test. Results show that for the samples being tested, there were no significant differences in 88.5% of the cases. It was concluded that one day of testing is probably sufficient. However, because of the difficulty in determining a "typical" day, it is recommended that testing be performed for two days.

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