CSA appendix on measurement of noise exposure from headsets

Alberto Behar, Christian Giguère, Tim Kelsall


A new appendix to CSA standard Z107.56 is developed to cover measurements of noise exposure from employees wearing headsets for communication. An alternative indirect calculation method is also proposed that includes the main determinants of exposure as input parameters into the assessment, such as background noise and the attenuation of the device. A microphone is located in the ear simulator of the manikin, and the acoustic measurements are performed in 1/3-octave bands. The alternate calculation method shows that the noise reduction of the headset is assumed to be zero unless the manufacturer can provide user fit octave band attenuation data. The results also show that if the headset is used more than 1 hr per day, the background noise has less than 1 dB effect on the result.


Acoustic noise; Chemical shift; Electric currents; Magnetic anisotropy; Noise pollution; Acoustic measurements; Background noises; Calculation methods; Cover measurements; Determinants of exposures; Input parameters; Noise exposures; Noise reductions; Octave bands

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