Evaluation of aided and unaided auditory functions for royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) members

Véronique Vaillancourt, Chantal Laroche, Christian Giguère, Marc-André Beaulieu, Jean-Pierre Legault


A study was conducted to report on the functional assessment of 57 Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) members. These members were facing operational restrictions due to hearing thresholds exceeding existing health policy criteria. The primary objective of the assessment was to assist RCMP in making better decisions regarding fitness-to-work in members wearing hearing aids before establishing new hearing criteria. Another objective was to verify that hearing aids had the potential to improve performance of these members, allowing them to carry out auditory functions required to perform their job safely. Members were first required to consult their audiologist to ensure proper hearing aid fit and function and to gather relevant information through a questionnaire.


Audition; Hearing aids; Health policy; Hearing aid; Hearing threshold; Primary objective

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