Development of an acoustic method for the measurement of mixing and drying in a vibrated fluidized bed

Garret Book, Lauren Briens, Cedric Briens


A non-invasive acoustic method was developed to detect fluidization regimes, measure mixing and drying in a vibrated fluidized bed. The minimum fluidization and bubbling velocities can be determined from standard deviation of a microphone signal. The standard deviation of the acoustic emissions indicate the amplitude of the acoustic emissions. When the gas velocity is increased above the minimum fluidization velocity, the bed becomes fluidized. Increasing the gas velocity further, the bed becomes well mixed due to the action of the bubbles. The acoustic method can also detect moistures of a few tens of ppms.


Acoustics; Drying; Fluidization; Microphones; Mixing; Signal processing; Velocity measurement; Fluidization velocity; Gas velocity; Non-invasive acoustic method; Standard deviation

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