Computer modeling of a hybrid RF/US phased array system for hyperthermia cancer treatments in the intact breast

Liyong Wu, Xiaozheng Zeng, Robert J. McGough


Computer simulation of power distributions of a hybrid applicator consisting of a planar square US phased array and an radio frequency (RF) array and the impact of temperature responses for hyperthermia treatments in the intact breast were analyzed. The RF phased array, which operates at 140 MHz, consists of four end-loaded dipole antennas mounted on a Lexan water tank. The 3D patient model, including breast, tumor, chest wall, heart, and lung structures, were extracted manually from MR or CT images. It was found that the hybrid method achieves a better temperature distribution inside the tumor than either modality applied alone.


Acoustic arrays; Biological organs; Computer simulation; Computerized tomography; Natural frequencies; Patient treatment; Tumors; Hyperthermia cancer; Lung structures; Radio frequency (RF) array; Temperature responses

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