Experimental validation of the objective measurement of individual custom earplug field performance

Jérémie Voix, Lee D. Hager, Jean Zeidan


A method was developed to meet the need to improve earplug field performance prediction accuracy by changing from average group performance prediction to individual performance prediction. The individual earplug field performance was objectively measured, using the Field-MIRE method. The individual attenuation was predicted from the field measurement of the Noise Reduction through the earplug. The individual attenuation was first obtained as a set of values for each octave band center frequency and these values were combined in a single number, the Predicted Personal Attenuation Rating (P-PAR). The observation confirmed that the low-frequency octave-band attenuation could be a good predictor of the overall attenuation as most earplugs attenuate significantly in high frequency. The observation also suggested that the high-frequency attenuation prediction adds much information and appeared to disturb the prediction capabilities of the measurement system.


Acoustics; Attenuation; Noise abatement; Earplug; Octave-band attenuation; Predicted Personal Attenuation Rating (P-PAR)

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