Statistical basis for rating speech privacy of closed rooms

Bradford N. Gover, John S. Bradley


Measured statistical distributions of speech and noise levels play a significant role in rating and predicting the speech privacy of closed rooms. The signal-to-noise index is the arithmetic average of the 1/3-octave band level differences of speech noise at the listening position, over the 16 bands from 160 to 5k Hz. The speech level at the listening position can be determined from the speech level inside the closed room and a measure of the sound insulation to the listening position. A diffuse-field average test noise field in the closed room and the corresponding received level at the listening position is measured using broadband noise, several loudspeaker, and microphone positions within the room, and microphones at receiving positions in the adjoining spaces, usually 0.25 m from the boundaries of the room. The use of distributions of speech and noise levels measured in meetings thereby allows interpretation of the sound insulation measurements in a statistical manner.


Data privacy; Microphones; Signal to noise ratio; Sound insulation; Statistical methods; Insulation measurements; Test noise fields

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