Instrumentation for measurements in building acoustics

Peter Hanes, Bradford N. Gover


The basic measurements in building acoustics are measurements of sound levels. The measured sound levels can be broadband or band-limited, frequency-weighted, and time-averaged or time-weighted. One of the many factors involved in making good building acoustics measurements is the performance of the instruments that are used. Measurement systems can take many different configurations, from a simple single-channel hand-held stand-alone instrument to a complex multi-channel distributed system. Measurement practitioners should be able to call upon a comprehensive but practicable reference for both the specification and testing of the performance of the instruments. The periodic tests were designed to cover only the most essential characteristics and those where experience has shown that many instruments exhibit problems.


Architectural acoustics; Instrument testing; Building acoustics; Distributed systems; Essential characteristic; In-buildings; Measurement system; Multi-channel; Periodic tests; Single-channel; Sound level; Stand-alone instruments; Time-averaged

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