Monte Carlo simulation for calculation of uncertainty in reciprocity calibration of microphones

Peter Hanes


Monte Carlo simulation and calculation of uncertainty in reciprocity calibration of microphones are discussed. Monte Carlo simulation is a numerical technique that can be used to propagate the distributions of the input quantities using the calculation model in order to estimate the distribution of the outputs. It provide a standard uncertainty and a coverage interval for a desired level of confidence for the pressure sensitivity levels, without intermediate determination of sensitivity coefficients. Calculation software has been developed at NRC-INMS to compute the pressure sensitivity levels from the input data using the model of acoustic transfer impedance. The NRC-1NMS software was further developed to allow the calculation of the associated measurement uncertainty by Monte Carlo simulation. Evaluation of individual components enables future research and development work to focus on potential areas for improvement in uncertainty.


Calibration; Computer simulation; Monte Carlo methods; Uncertainty analysis; Intermediate determination; Pressure sensitivity levels; Uncertainty measurement

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