A unified theory for stresses and oscillations

Himanshu Dehra


A unified theory for stresses and oscillations is presented with an example of an external cavity wall made up of a parallel plate photovoltaic device. The stresses developed on a particle due to various forces are classified as fundamental stresses, internal stresses, and external stresses. The fundamental stresses are developed due to presence of gravitational and electromagnetic forces of a solar system. The internal stresses are developed under the influence of fundamental stresses and are defined by properties of composition of a particle. The external stresses are developed under an external source of energy. The theory is eligible for defining new criteria for generation of acoustic resonance to include waves propagated with transmission of light, sound, noise, heat, electricity, fluid, and fire from a cavity wall. A mathematical model also has been formulated for the theory based on field experiments conducted on a cavity wall with one degree of freedom.


Mathematical models; Photovoltaic cells; Steady flow; Stress analysis; Electromagnetic forces; External cavity wall; Gravitational forces

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