The noise scales and their units


  • Himanshu Dehra American Institute-Industry Forum on Energy, 1-140 Av., Windsor, Lachine, H8R1P7, Canada


Colloids, Electricity, Electromagnetic waves, Measurement equations, Noise interferences, Power intensities, Power of twos


The standardization of noise scale is performed by presenting their sources, definitions, their measurement equations, and units. The objective is to standardize the characterization of noise interference, due to difference of power of two intensities. The difference of two power intensities can be due to transmission of light, sound heat, electricity, fluid, and fire into a particle body. The sources of noise are classified according to the type of wave of interference, such as light, sound, heat, electricity, fluid, and fire. The criteria for definitions of noise are based on areas of energy stored in a wave, due to interference, speed of wave, and difference of power between two intensities of wave. Some of the definitions of noise are based on criteria, such as noise of sol and noise of therm.




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