Impulse noise exposure during personal weapons testing on an outdoor shooting range

Ann Nakashima, Yushi Hu


Noise levels on the range at the firing line were measured to estimate the exposure levels for all range personnel during personal weapons testing (PWT). Measurements were taken using a Larson Davis LxT sound level meter with a high pressure microphone at the firing line, and a Quest 1900 sound level meter in the butts. Digital recordings were also made with Sony PCMM1 portable digital audio tape (DAT) recorders. Measurements were taken approximately 30 cm from the ear of one of the shooters, and in the butts. The peak levels for the RSO and shooter were similar to those of the rifle, and exceeded the 140 dB OSHA limit. The possible solution to reduce the noise exposure to safe levels is to use non-linear earplugs which allow natural listening for non-hazardous noises, but provide attenuation for high-level impulses.


Acoustic noise; Impulse noise; Microphones; Digital audio tape (DAT) recorders; Outdoor shooting range; Sound level meter

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