Modeling of general laminate composite structures with viscoelastic layer

Sebastian Ghinet, Noureddine Atalla


The modeling of a thick composite laminate plates and beams with linear viscoelastic damping is described. The problem is solved by discrete laminate method in a wave approach context. The discrete laminate approach assumes each layer described by a Reissner-Mindlin displacement field, which leads to equilibrium relations accounting for membrane, transverse shearing, bending and full inertial terms. The discrete description of each layer allows for accurate handling of thin/thick laminates and sandwich panels over the audible frequency range. The model is also applied to the calculation of the structural loss factor associated to the bending wave-type. The pure arithmetically real solution with the highest amplitude corresponds to the bending wavenumber. This solution has three asymptotical behaviors for sandwich configurations, which are pure bending at low frequencies, core's transversal shearing at mid-frequencies and pure bending of skins at high frequencies.


Asymptotic analysis; Bending (deformation); Composite structures; Damping; Mathematical models; Sandwich structures; Viscoelasticity; Audible frequency range; Reissner-Mindlin displacement field; Transverse shearing

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