Prediction of speech transmission index in eating establishments

Musarrat Nahid, Murray Hodgson


A study was conducted to model existing eating establishment (EEs) in the CATT Acoustics software and determine the acoustical conditions for speech. The acoustical conditions for speech include speech transmission index (STI), speech intelligibility (SI), and speech privacy (SP). The study also provided a method to design the EE to optimize the acoustical conditions. EE including restaurants and cafe usually produces noisy environments that prevent an easy and comfortable conversation between customers. The study used EE Voice level model to understand the Lombard effects, while CATT assigned some quality ratings for STI. It was observed during the study that the high and absorptive barriers around the tables of EEs can provide fair STI in MM.


Natural gas well production; Semiconducting silicon; Speech; Speech analysis; Speech communication; Speech intelligibility; Lombard effects; Noisy environments; Quality ratings; Speech privacies; Speech transmission indices; Voice levels

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