Vowel imitation in spontaneous phonetic imitation


  • Molly Babel Dept. of Ling, University of British Columbia, 2613 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, United States


American English, Hard drives, Sampling rates, Spectral characteristics


A study was conducted to investigated whether spectral characteristics of the vowels were imitated in a lexical shadowing task. Native speakers of American English completed an auditory naming task where they shadowed productions from of two model talkers, including a Black and White speaker. Participants in the shadowing task were tested individually and randomly assigned to a number of conditions. Word productions were digitally recorded to the hard drive of a PC at a 44K sampling rate and the recordings were down sampled to 22K before analysis. The words were presented randomly in 36-point font in the middle of the screen of the computer. It was found that the post-test block was identical to the pre-test block where participants read the words from the screen.

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