Acoustic response of multi-Fluid shell systems with structural enhancement

Serguei Iakovlev, Kyle Williston, Martin Mitchell


A study that was conducted to examine acoustic response of multi-fluid shell systems with structural Enhancement is presented. A thin elastic circular cylindrical shell was considered of a given radius, which was filled with and submerged into different fluids. It was assumed that the shell is thin, and that its deflections are small in comparison to its thickness, so that the linear theory of shells can be employed. A steel shell is considered with the thickness of 0.01 m and radius of 1 m, submerged into and filled with fluids of the same density but with varying acoustic speeds. Furthermore, the entire sequence of the internal pressure wave propagation, reflection, and focusing was shifted in time which results in the head waves seen in front of the incident wavefront.


Acoustic response; Acoustic speed; Circular cylindrical shells; Head waves; Internal Pressure; Linear theory; Multi-fluids; Steel shells; Structural enhancements

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