Aerotactile acuity as a predictor of sibilant contrast

Naomi Francis, Ma. Jamie, Bryan Gick


A study that was conducted to hypothesize that aerotactile acuity is an independent predictor of produced contrast distance between sibilants is presented. The term somatosensory applies to a broad range of different sensory modalities. About 21 paid volunteers, all native speakers of English, participated in this study. Data were rejected from three subjects who scored below chance or reached ceiling, and from one subject because of technical problems; the data discussed in this paper therefore came from 17 participants, 10 male and 7 female, ranging in age from 20 to 58 years. The fact that multiple sensory factors play independent roles in speech allows for the possibility that any modality could reasonably play an independent role.


Independent predictors; Sensory modality; Somatosensory

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