Call for paper: Special issues of Canadian Acoustics


  • Jérémie Voix ÉTS, Université du Québec


Special issues: Canadian Cities Acoustics

Acoustics is a broad subject matter, as you know, that currently employs hundreds of us across the country in fields as different as teaching, research, consulting and others. To reflect such diversity and to -maybe- help each of us discover a new professional in your neighbourhood, the Canadian Acoustics journal is currently inviting submissions for a serie of special “regional” journal issues from individuals, groups and compagnies located within the greater-areas of major cities in Canada.

Special issues of the Canadian Acoustics journal have been already programmed for June 2015 (Montreal), June 2016 (Toronto), and June 2017 (Halifax) while other dates are currently been secured for the other cities.


How to be part of it?

To contribute to these special “regional” journal issues, author are invited to submit their manuscript (2 pages minimum) under “Special Issue” section through the online system at before February 15th of the publication year.


Each manuscript will be reviewed Canadian Acoustics Editorial Board that will enforce the journal publication policies (original content, non-commercialism, etc., refer to Journal Policies section online for further details) while welcoming promotion of authors expertise, companies services, and consultants' success stories and the like.


A true “regional” directory you want to appear in!

Each of these regional local issues of the journal can be considered as a local directory book for acoustics. They will be published in hardcopies, sent to all CAA national and international members, while electronic copies will be made available in open-access on the journal website. The content of these issues will be entirely searchable and comprehensively indexed by scholar engines as well as by major internet seach engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Authors are invited to carefully select their keywords to maximize the visibility of their articles, while ad-hoc advertisement opportunities will be given to pair each article with a one-page full advertisement.

For any question, please contact Prof. Josée Lagacée ( or Jérémie Voix ( To secure an advertisement for this special issue, please contact Clair Wakefield (

Such an offer will only appear every 7-9 years, make sure to be in!

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