Acoustic Imaging and Sound Mapping of Mining and Transportation Noise Sources


  • Roderick Mackenzie SoftdB Inc


Noise, mining, vehicles, control, imaging, sound-mapping


In responding to the needs of our clients, Soft dB Inc. has developed innovative techniques for communicating the results of acoustical measurements. We have found that using these techniques reduce the time required for measurement and analysis, reduce the explanations necessary during reporting, and accelerates the client’s understanding and decision-making process. We present two of our most successful concepts. In the first technique, the I-track sound intensity imaging system is used to both measure quickly the sound power output, and precisely localise the source of noise on various vehicles and equipment. In the second technique, multiple sound levels are remotely measured next to site with varying sound sources. The measurements are transmitted in real-time to a server, which then generates a noise map for the adjacent town, viewable online within seconds by the clients. Client feedback to these new presentational techniques is extremely positive; an image can say a thousand words.

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Roderick Mackenzie, SoftdB Inc

Senior Acoustical Consultant

Acoustics and Vibration Divsion

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