Aercoustics - Acoustic, Noise, and Vibration Design Consultants

Nicholas Sylvestre-Williams, Payam Ashtiani


Aercoustics Engineering Limited is the largest purely acoustical consulting engineering firm in North America with expertise in acoustics, noise, and vibration. Located in Toronto, ON, Aercoustics was founded in 1974 and has been involved in many high profile projects over the years, all around the world. From orchestra pits to gravel pits, Aercoustics is the go-to acoustic engineering firm to solve acoustic, noise and vibration problems indoors or outdoors, overhead or underground. It’s
Aercoustics’ unique depth of understanding of the science of acoustics that allows us to tackle the most challenging projects.


acoustic engineering; environmental noise and vibration; wind turbine noise; transit design; noise and vibration monitoring; building vibration isolation; TMD

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